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Linda Wilke is an established entrepreneur in the fields of bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll. From 1984 to 2010, she was the founder and president of Culver Computer Bookkeeping Service in Santa Clarita Valley.

A Successful Track Record

The success of Culver Bookkeeping is her proven track record of expertise in the field. She has an in-depth understanding of all the levels of business, and her clients include a wide range of business types and companies of various sizes, from those with one employee to over 400.

Experience You Can Count On

Before starting her own accounting business, Linda spent several years working for some of the finest CPA firms in the Los Angeles area. Beginning as a receptionist, she worked her way up to controller position.

She is grateful for those years of training, as the professionals with whom she worked truly cared about their clients’ businesses and success.

They demanded nothing short of accuracy, attention to detail, confidentiality, and quality financial reports, and Linda has worked diligently to uphold these standards throughout her career. She prides herself on her expertise and refers to her finished products as “Masterpieces.”

Bookkeeping Services for Individuals and Businesses

As an experienced professional, Linda enjoys sharing the knowledge she has gained and strives to teach her clients the easiest yet most accurate ways of processing their financial business matters.

Her great passion is to help, teach, and provide the very best bookkeeping and accounting services to each one of her cherished clients.

Linda Wilke

P.O. Box 1214, Lebec, CA 93243

(661) 714-7237

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