Meet Other Business Owners

Meet Other Business Owners

Meet Other Business Owners

Businesses thrive on partnerships, networking, and teamwork. That is the #1 reason why joining a local business networking group makes sense.

Take the next step in growing your business, meet like-minded Business Owners.

There is one rule every business owner must follow when joining a networking group “Give other business owner’s referrals and they will do the same for you”.

Finding a Local Business Networking Group

Just about every city around the world has a local business networking group. The most common example of these groups would be your local chamber of commerce. They can connect you with City’s movers and shakers, these relationships can be hugely effective.

Referral Groups

Referral groups work best for growing your business. But it’s important you approach them with the mentality of what you can provide to the group and its members.

Here are some things to consider when joining a referral group.

  1. Focus on giving. Networkers don’t get referrals until people trust them.
  2. Show up regularly and on time. When you show up late/or infrequently, you are sending a message to your fellow members that you only care about yourself.
  3. Come prepared. Have a specific list of referral needs. The more specific you can be, the more referrals you’ll receive.
  4. Focus on the group. Be sure to really listen to the needs of the group members.
  5. Meet with the members individually. Do this between meetings so you can get to know them better.
  6. Do not expect to get until you give.
  7. Do give quality referrals and leads. Don’t give bad referrals. It’s better to not give at all.
  8. Follow up! If someone gives you a referral, follow up right away.

Referral Group source: Small Biz Trends

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