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About Synergy

Synergy Networking Group is a business networking group devoted to helping promote and improve businesses in Santa Clarita and surrounding communities.

Our group is professional, but fun, and is welcoming to new members. Our mission is straightforward, to assist each other in growing your businesses, and we strive to provide area businesses and consumers with the best products and services available. 

The Synergy Networking Group consists of like-minded businesses owners who are looking for ways to mutually promote and improve their businesses. 

This group of business people shares a common vision, to create an organization devoted to bringing local businesses together to learn, grow, and develop, while having fun doing it. 

Members businesses cover a wide variety of products and services, all the way from accounting to web designing. Our diversity helps us touch every area of the community.

Group meetings consist of members sharing helpful information, explaining to one another how we can help prospective clients, and providing education about our respective fields to one another. Meetings are conducted in a fun atmosphere; formalities are kept to a minimum.

If you are in business in Santa Clarita or surrounding areas, we urge you contact us about joining Synergy Networking Group. 

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What We Do

Synergy Networking is an affordable and effective business networking and referral group. Our network members provide referrals, not leads, to business owners.

Get Referrals
Increase Sales
Business Networking
Get Frequent Referrals

Business referrals are one of the most valuable benefits of joining Synergy Networking Group.

Referrals are the Quickest Way to Increase Sales
The Benefits of Business Networking

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Want to increase your business success? Then join Synergy Networking Group, we meet weekly for the primary purpose of growing our business and for exchanging referrals. Our group restricts membership to only one person per profession or specialty, so you will not compete against similar businesses.

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With over 3o members and growing, Synergy Networking Group is one of the largest business referral organization in Santa Clarita and surrounding areas. Our members are known for their professionalism, dedication, and loyalty to one another, setting the standard in word-of-mouth referral programs. 

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